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Goodwell Intelligent Sealing Equipment
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[Equipment function and purpose] 

     Sterile medical blister packaging box and DuPont dialysis paper seal pressure seal


[Product Features]

    1. Medical blister sealing machine is suitable for blister box PETG/PP box/PE/PET/GAG+ special strong/dialysis paper, aluminum foil and other materials hot-press sealing;

    2. Equipment design precise parameter control (temperature, time, pressure), simple operation by the operator and easy technical parameter management;

    3. The whole machine components adopt international, domestic and foreign first-line brand electronic components and pneumatic accessories;

    4. The advantages of this machine, electronic components and pneumatic accessories are guaranteed for three years;

    5. The machine is mainly composed of 304 stainless steel plate and aluminum alloy, anti-corrosion material, meeting medical standards;

    6. The main features of this device are small in size, easy to place and not occupy space, effective use of size, common functions, practical functions, etc., it is generally recommended to use the structure;

    7. Provide customers with on-site heat sealing technical services and personnel training to assist customers in packaging and sealing verification.

The sealing equipment parameters are as follows:

Model GUTE-400600
Power 300550W/A 350550W/B 400600W/C
Use air pressure 5-6KG 5-6KG 5-6KG
Voltage 220V 220V 220V
Heating plate size 300*550mm 350*550mm 400*600mm
Gold effective welding size 220*470mm 270*470mm 380*580mm
Maximum limit welding size 250*500mm 300*500mm 360*560mm
Device dimensions 790*900*1500mm 800*960*1500mm 820*1000*1500mm

    Hexiang Packaging has 20 years of experience in the thermoplastic packaging industry. The brand of Hexiang Packaging, Guteyi is designed for One-stop packaging and sealing services for global medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, customized special sealing equipment developed for customers This equipment is mainly suitable for the sealing of medical device products of Category 1, Category 2 and Category 3. Medical welding machine sealing technology Hexiang Packaging has more than 20 years of experience in the production of medical packaging and has launched a medical product worldwide. A complete solution for device packaging, the product was fully introduced to the market, and received extensive attention and praise from medical device manufacturers.


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