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Tyvek 1073B coated paper
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High-strength medical device packaging materials, suitable for various demanding applications

DuPont™ Tyvek® Tyvek® 1073B provides the highest level of protection, making it ideal for packaging medical devices that require high strength and excellent microbial barriers.

Tyvek ® 1073B is the thickest type of Tyvek ® medical packaging material, suitable for three-dimensional shapes, protruding shapes, shapes with sharp edges and sharp corners, or the ideal for heavier medical devices (such as implant products) choose. Its excellent performance meets a variety of demanding product requirements and the requirements of high-quality products.

Strong protection for high-risk products

Tyvek® is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which can effectively prevent damage caused by sharp edges or heavy products, and its performance is better than a variety of fragile alternative materials (such as medical packaging paper). Its strength can help Tyvek ® 1073B protect high-risk medical products (such as artificial hip joints and heart valves) and keep them sterile.

In addition, Tyvek ® 1073B is compatible with a series of manufacturing and sterilization processes, and it is an excellent microbial barrier to ensure sterility during shipment and storage.

Main product performance advantages

Tyvek ® 1073B provides a range of values ​​for medical device manufacturers, including:

· High durability, more able to withstand impact during shipment and storage

· Excellent microbial barrier, can help medical packaging begin to sterilize and maintain sterility

· Compatible with many common sterilization methods

·Clean peeling and low-risk packaging contamination

· Produced according to ISO 14001, providing recycling and support for sustainable development projects

· Reliable quality supply

Sterilization compatibility

Unlike other materials, Tyvek ® 1073B and all Tyvek ® models used in medical device packaging are compatible with the most commonly used sterilization methods, which will provide medical device manufacturers with greater flexibility. These sterilization methods include:

·Ethylene Oxide (EO)

· Gamma

· electron beam

· Steam (under controlled conditions)

·Low temperature oxidation  

Provide reliable supply

In order to meet the growing global demand and ensure the continuity and flexibility of future supply, DuPont is shifting the production of Tyvek ® 1073B to a production line that uses the latest flash spinning technology.

Other standards that need to be met: SO11607, EN868 and GB/T19633

[1] GB/T 19633-2005 Terminally sterilized medical device packaging

[2] GB/T 5402-2003 Determination of air permeability of paper and paperboard (medium range) Gurley method

[3] ISO /DIS 22611 anti-infectious clothing to prevent microbial pollution aerosol penetration test method

[4]ASTM F 1980 "Guidelines for Accelerated Aging Test Standards for Sterile Medical Device Packaging"

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