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Taicang Hexiang Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

Hexiang Packaging is a technologically innovative enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of medical material applications and sterile barrier system packaging solutions. With more than 20 years of clean room management experience and plastic thermoforming technology, it has become a new force. It has obtained TUVISO13485 certification from South Germany, and strictly regulates product quality standards in accordance with ISO11607 and other standards, achieving full-process control and verification. Our professionalism and one-stop service are recognized by world-renowned companies.
Use limited natural environment
Create high-tech products
Serve our society.

Focus on R&D

Relying on technology and oriented by customer needs,
actively provide high value-added packaging products.
There is no eternal Hexiang, only eternal innovation and hard work.
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contact number - 0512-53668566
email address - SunnyZhang@hexiang-pack.com
company address - No. 9 Fengyang Road, Shuangfeng Town, Taicang City
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