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Tyvek 1059B coated paper
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Tyvek 1059B coated paper


DuPont Tyvek 1059B can provide reliable sterile protection for medium-risk medical devices. Tyvek 1059B is a tried-and-tested product. Its excellent protection performance is used for the packaging of various medical devices. It is lighter than Tyvek 1073B. It is a smaller medical device (such as a syringe) and has rounded corners. Ideal packaging material for products.


Tyvek 1059B is regarded as the standard for first-class sterile medical packaging. It can prevent microbial penetration, greatly reduce the risk of packaging failure, and is compatible with various sterilization methods, reducing the risk of equipment contamination.

Good prevention of microbial penetration

Even in a heavily polluted environment, under the most severe conditions, Tyvek 1059B can well prevent the penetration of bacterial spores and other polluting microorganisms. Microbial barrier test data consistently show that all Tyvek models (Tyvek 1073B, Tyvek 1059B and Tyvek 2FS) suitable for sterile medical packaging are better than other commercially available medical packaging in blocking bacterial spores and test particles Materials (including medical packaging paper). In addition, a long-term shelf life study showed that Tyvek 1059B can maintain sterility for at least five years without compromising the integrity of the packaging.


Greatly reduce the risk of packaging failure

The tough, continuous filament of Tyvek 1059B can help ensure that the packaging is intact during internal product breakthroughs and external rough handling. Compared with medical packaging paper, Tyvek 1059B has extraordinary tear strength and puncture resistance. In addition, due to its breathability, Tyvek 1059B minimizes the possibility of condensation during transportation due to extreme temperatures.  


Compatible with various sterilization methods

Unlike medical packaging paper and film, Tyvek 1059B is compatible with all the most commonly used sterilization methods. Therefore, no matter which method you use (ethylene oxide (EO), gamma, electron beam, steam (under controlled conditions) or newer methods (such as low temperature oxidation)) to sterilize medical packaging, Tyvek 1059B will retain its protective properties, color and flexibility.


Medical Tyvek cover material composition: American DuPont medical paper + medical coating. The coating process is pided into two categories: water-based coating and hot-melt adhesive. Tyvek raw materials are pided into: 2SF, 1059B, 1073B. DuPont Tyvek Tyvek packaging cover material is the ideal choice for thermoformed trays, which can ensure high-end, safety, impact resistance, barrier system/or fragile equipment sterility and integrity before opening and use. The strength of Tyvek is eight times the strength of the same gram or thicker medical wrapping paper; Tyvek has strong puncture resistance, even the irregular edges or sharp edges (knife edges) of many surgical instruments It is not easy to puncture.

Other standards that need to be met:

[1] GB/T 19633-2005 Terminally sterilized medical device packaging

[2] GB/T 5402-2003 Determination of air permeability of paper and paperboard (medium range) Gurley method

[3] ISO /DIS 22611 anti-infectious clothing to prevent microbial pollution aerosol penetration test method

[4]ASTM F 1980 "Guidelines for Accelerated Aging Test Standards for Sterile Medical Device Packaging"

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