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Minimally invasive craniocerebral drainage sterilization bli
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Minimally invasive brain drainage sterilization blister box


Hexiang Packaging mainly provides customized services, customized thermoforming medical blister boxes for different products, customized thermoforming design and manufacturing with the highest structural rigidity and impact resistance to protect the product, facilitate product verification and end-user ease of use sex.

Suitable sterilization method: EtO ethylene oxide and gamma radiation sterilization (there are special Tyvek materials for steam sterilization, please contact us)

High strength, high resistance to bacteria, long life, excellent anti-microbial penetration ability, clean torn without paper scraps after sterilization, high sealing strength (recorded maximum force is 3.5-7N/15MM), good tensile strength, dialysis Good sex (35-80 seconds)

Other standards that need to be met: ISO11607, EN868 and GB/T19633

[1] GB/T 19633-2005 Terminally sterilized medical device packaging

[2] GB/T 5402-2003 Determination of air permeability of paper and paperboard (medium range) Gurley method

[3] ISO /DIS 22611 anti-infectious clothing to prevent microbial pollution aerosol penetration test method

[4] ASTM F 1980 "Standard Guide for Accelerated Aging Test of Sterile Medical Device Packaging"

Material application: PETG belongs to amorphous polyester. For manufacturers of three types of medical equipment, PETG hard blister packaging is very familiar. In mainland China, mostly light blue transparent materials, with a thickness of 0.5-1.0, not only the appearance is high-end and generous, but also suitable for ethylene oxide (EO), irradiation (Ƴ or e-beam), low-temperature plasma, etc. A method of sterilization.

1. The 6763 brand produced by EASTMAN in the United States is specially developed for medical treatment and is currently the most well-known. It defaults to one of the most reliable packaging materials for the initial packaging of medical devices. It meets ISO10993 certification, ISO11607 certification, USP VI and other reports, and has complete packaging verification information.

2. South Korea's SK launched a SK2008 brand specially developed for medical and food. At present, it is well-known and inexpensive. It has been one of the first among the majority of medical device companies. It satisfies ISO10993 certification, ISO11607 certification, and passed relevant inspections to obtain complete packaging. Verify the information.

PETG aseptic rigid packaging box has excellent impact strength and toughness, and excellent chemical resistance. Fully meet its processing performance and terminal applications (snap fixation and clean opening).

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