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Disposable medical consumables blister box
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Disposable medical consumables blister box

Product format We mainly provide customized services, customized thermoforming medical blister boxes for different products, customized thermoforming design and manufacturing with the highest structural rigidity and impact resistance to protect Product, easy product verification and ease of use for end users.
Feature description ●Suitable for ethylene oxide EtO sterilization and radiation sterilization;
●We can design and customize according to customer product requirements. The unique automatic die-cutting equipment ensures the dimensional accuracy and sanitation of die-cut products;
●Excellent physical properties include good tear resistance, puncture resistance, and good sealing performance;
●Excellent bacterial barrier, ensuring the sterility of the contents before use;
●Can provide a variety of thermoforming materials, including PVC, styrene, high-resistance PS, PETG, polyethylene and some specific grades of polypropylene.
Typical application The scope of application is wide, especially for some I, II, and III class equipment products.
Sterilization method Suitable for EtO and radiation sterilization.
Personalized customization Customize on demand

Product structure Forming method Vacuum thermoforming
Substrate type PETG / HIPS / PC / AGA / PP / PS / PVC

Other standards that need to comply with ISO11607, EN868 and GB/T19633

[1] GB/T 19633-2005 Terminally sterilized medical device packaging

[2] GB/T 5402-2003 Determination of air permeability of paper and paperboard (medium range) Gurley method

[3] ISO /DIS 22611 anti-infectious original clothing test method for aerosol penetration resistance to microbial contamination

[4]ASTM F 1980 "Guidelines for Accelerated Aging Test Standards for Sterile Medical Device Packaging"

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