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New type of blister box packaging technology
Release: Hexiang Packaging  Time:2021-09-14

    The blister box product is a new type of packaging form. The advantage of this packaging form is that by wrapping the irregular products with packaging, the appearance of the irregular objects can be relatively neat. Benefit 2: It is more convenient to store and transport. The blister packs are made of transparent materials, and PVC and PET are the most commonly used materials. The appearance of the blister box packaging is transparent and bright, and the products are easy to be placed in eye-catching locations in the mall, which improves the sales of items. Affected.


Blister box packaging

    The blister packaging process of blister and heat sealing is: press the blister and the paper card coated with blister oil, and use electric heating or high frequency to heat the blister and the paper card. After cooling, the blister is folded in half and the blister is folded. The packaging and paper card are integrated to complete the blister packaging process. Some blister products will be coated with varnish on the surface, which has the characteristics of a general varnish coating, that is, it has a certain degree of gloss and abrasion resistance in order to satisfy the eye.


    At present, the blister box packaging process is very mature. In this packaging process, through in-depth analysis of the blister packaging process, a water-based blister bright oil specially used for blister packaging has been developed, which not only meets the packaging requirements of blister boxes, but also In line with the development trend of the industry. 

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