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Traditional packaging rules such as cost cutting, flexibility and vividness are gradually affecting the field of pharmaceutical packaging. Since medical equipment does not need shelves, people used to focus only on the performance of products, and little attention was paid to packaging. However, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and some packaging rules, which are widely used in other products, are exerting a subtle influence on medical packaging. With the rapid growth of health care costs, departments in the pharmaceutical supply chain have to follow the cost reduction. They constantly improve the labeling technology, try to write more product information, and on demand printing technology has brought great flexibility to the packaging production line. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the cost reduction strategy for pharmaceutical packaging is packaging automation. Pharmaceutical packaging belongs to labor-intensive industries, and many operations need manual completion. The rigid packing is converted into a flexible blister package, especially in the case of large-scale operation. The packing machine or other automatic packaging machine is adopted, which greatly saves the packing time than the manual operation. The director of PACE Solutions consulting and the former packaging manager of Johnson Inc., Harold Miller, said, "it is obvious that a large amount of cost savings come from the packaging of large quantities of products, mainly forming stuffed and sealed packaging products - a soft bubble or a hard bubble cover. This not only saves materials, but also enables the packaging to turn from manual or semi-automatic to full automation. Secondly, the use of extrusion vacuum machine saves labor costs greatly. The change from rigid packaging to flexible packaging can be accomplished by redesign, for example, the cost of blister tray is much lower than that of a rigid pallet.

Another effective way to reduce costs is to reduce the consumption of high priced materials and reduce material standards (Downgauging). But many companies have already reached the limit in this respect. Many companies now reduce the cost by reducing some processes in the process, such as stripped coating. Many pharmaceutical packaging, especially those through oxygen ethane, are mostly sealed with porous material, and the sealing material is torn from one side, so it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the process. The tear material must be coated on a surface with a special polymer sealant. However, adding protective coatings to this tear material also adds a procedure to pharmaceutical packaging. Some film processors prefer to directly coat the bottom and seal them with non breathable materials, which greatly saves the cost. The packaging Department of Cook's supply center uses a section of aseptic packing for syringes, ducts and other medical instruments. The welding points are in the prominent part of the inner layer of the medical device tray, so the tray is not falling off during the diagnosis and treatment process. The Ava-Tex adhesive syringe produced by Cardinal Health is used to treat bone disease caused by osteoporosis. It is packaged in a thermoforming tray. It can also add related devices to different needs.

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