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Although the annual growth rate of China's packaging industry ranks first in the traditional industry, there are still many problems in the packaging machinery industry. In recent years, although the packaging machinery in China has achieved considerable development, compared with the developed countries, the technical level of the packaging machinery industry is still in a backward state. Compared with foreign suppliers, China's packaging machinery enterprises are still inferior.

With the development of China's packaging industry, China's packaging machinery has also been greatly developed, but compared with developed countries, there are still great differences in packaging machinery in China, for example, the technical level of packaging machinery industry is still in a backward state. The packaging machinery enterprises in China are generally small in scale, and the production force is scattered. Because of the reasons of capital investment and enterprise system, most manufacturers have less experience in marketing management.

Few manufacturers in China can provide a complete set of production line from packaging to terminal packaging equipment. Facing the European and American manufacturers from packaging design, new product research and development, certification consulting services, technical training to provide complete set of production line equipment supporting services, our gap is still very large.

It is understood that the current level of packaging and packaging machinery abroad is mainly in the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom. The packaging machinery in Germany is in the leading position in terms of design, manufacturing and technical performance. The technical content of domestic equipment is lower than that of European and American products, and is generally 510 years behind that of foreign counterparts. China's domestic equipment in the production speed, production, precision, equipment operation stability are lower than the foreign products, especially in the automatic packaging machine and vacuum packaging machine, our gap is very large, behind the European products for more than 10 years.

At present, compared with the developed countries, the technical level of the packaging machinery enterprises in China is obviously insufficient. The main performance is as follows: first, there are few professional technicians in our packaging machinery and lack of professional R & D team. Product technology is backward, blindly imitate and can not solve the fundamental problem of the industry.  Secondly, automation is low, which is also an important point that domestic equipment can not match the packaging equipment of developed countries. Finally, enterprises and machinery are lack of international certification testing. If we can not do our best as soon as possible and raise the level and level of technology, the gap with developed countries will be further widened.

Facing the disadvantages and various shortcomings, domestic packaging machinery enterprises should find out the reasons, manage the standard, seize the opportunity to face the challenge, improve the technology innovation, product design and after-sales service, and finally make our packaging machinery research and development and production technology reach the world advanced level.

At present, high efficiency, high profit and utilization of resources, energy saving, practical application of high and new technology and commercialization of scientific research achievements have become the trend of the development of world packaging machinery. The research on basic technology of packaging machinery industry in China is imminent.

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